The Beginner's Guide: Lighting & Renders DS4

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The Beginner's Guide: Lighting & Renders DS4

Are you having difficulty getting lights added to your scene?  Or are your renders coming out dark, drab and lifeless?  

Turn on the lights in Daz Studio and create some cool artwork!  Grab a copy of this tutorial to take you step-by-step from using the default lighting for preview mode to what types of lights are available and how to use this variety to highlight and add shadows to any of your characters in your rendered scenes.  

Don't be intimidated by the powerful features of Daz Studio; harness them and expand your own potential!  

Lighting is often overlooked but is one of the most important aspects to giving renders of your final scene the look and feel that draws in the viewer.  

Come out of the dark and into the light and nothing will be able to stop you.  This guide is fully illustrated in PDF format covering everything from the types of lights available to rendering your scenes.

* Tutorial Overview:
  - 75-Pages Fully Illustrated
  - Popular PDF Format
  - Step-by-Step Instructions
  - Prepared with Daz Studio 4.6
* Getting Started:
  - Preparing Daz Studio Layout/Style
  - Loading Genesis figure
* Loading Lights into Scene:
  - Distant Light
  - Spotlight
  - Point Light
  - Linear Point Light
* Using Light Presets:
  - Uber Light Sets
* Lighting Parameters:
  - Transforms
  - Point At
  - Color and Intensity
  - Shadows
* Rendering Your Scene:
  - Output Dimensions
  - Render Destination
  - Render Engines
  - Lighting Models


  • Model:   wb/tbg3
  • Designer: Winterbrose

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