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BSC Layla V4 *Exclusive*

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Layla of the Black Sun Clan:

Her name means "Dark Haired Beauty" or 'night', from the word 'leila'.
However, she looks great with any hair-color! Her full name is
Layla mac Bayne and she is half Banshee (Bean-Sidhe) and half
Forest Fae. The High Mountain Banshees are pale skinned and often
have light colored hair, but generally white. Her dark hair is from her
mother's side.
She's a bit of a trickster, and you never know what she's going to do.
She also has a very lovely and powerful singing voice.
So, have fun with her!

1 ea. INJ/REM Head/Body
1 ea. INJ/REM Ears
8 - Banshee Eye Colors & 2-Sclera Options
2 - Skins, SSS for P9+ and NS for P7+ & D/S*
with 8 each Makeups, Lip Colors and Nails
Turn IK Off/On and Default Pose
* Diffuse & Specular settings likely need
    adjusting for D/S.

Layla is created to be used with either V4 alone
or V4 with A4 injected (Realistic) and Morphs ++. She
works with either one. She is NOT made for Toon A4.

Please Note: No Support for DAZ Studio

Layla is part of a new collection of characters by SRG, collectively
known as "The Black Sun Clan" or "BSC". They are high quality characters
at a reasonable price for you! Layla comes with both SSS and Normal Skin
Mats, except her eyes, which are just Normal.

Layla is a V4.2 morph created with Morphs++ by Sidhe Rose Graphics.
She can also be used with V4 with Aiko4 injected (Realistic), but is NOT for Toon Aiko4.
Her body, Makeups, Lip & Nail colors are also customized by Sidhe Rose Graphics.
Layla's eyes are made by Sidhe Rose Graphics.

Everything needed for Layla is included in this package.

System requirements:
 Poser 7-9+
 Victoria 4.2 and/or Aiko4
PC/Mac Compatible
Poser Pro 2014
 D/S 3.0 - 4.9.

She may require some adjustments to her Diffuse and Specular Colors for use in D/S.


  • Model:   srg/layla
  • Designer: Sidhe Rose Graphics

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