Ivor for Dusk (PS) Exclusive


 Ivor Outfit For Dusk (Poser)
 A waistcoat and pants for Dusk and Dusk SE.

Each comes with 4 different coloured textures Denim, Leather, Striped and Suit.

System Requirements:
PC and Mac compatible
Poser 9+


Product Notes
Before loading clothing make sure Dusk is loaded, selected and zeroed.

To zero the figure simply select Figure from the file menu and then Zero Figure.

 Make sure the Dusk figure that you want to conform the clothing to is selected and load the clothing. Make sure the clothing is selected and select Figure from the menu bar then Conform To, click the drop down and select the Dusk and click OK.



BodyAged, BodyBuilder, BodyBulk, BodyChubby, BodyDefinition, BodyEmaciated, BodyPetite,
BodySmooth, BodySuit, BodySuperModel, BodyTall, BodyToned, BodyYoung, BodyZombie,

Neck Thin

Back Smooth, Chest Breast, Chest Clavical Margin, Chest Flat, Chest Height, Chest Huge, Chest Large, Chest Round, Chest Small, Chest Smooth under, Chest Square, Chest Sternum Margin, Chest Width, Clavicle Define, Lats Size, Rib Cage Margin, Rib Cage Size, Rib Casge Width, Scapula Define, ScapulaMove, TrapeziusSize

Arms Length:
Shoulder Size, Upper Arm Thin,

Abdomen 1, Abdomen 2, Abdomen 3, Abdomen 4, Abdomen Soft, Abdomen Wide,
AbsIn, AbsLowerCurve, LinesAlbaDefined,
Torso Length, Muffin Top, Love Handles,

Waist Width, Waist Narrow,
Glute Size, Glutes Flat, Glutes Crease Samll,
Crotch Flat,
Bubble Butt,

Thigh Thin, Thigh Wide, Thigh Full, Thigh Out Side Width,
Lower Leg Thin, Legs Length,
Knee Cap Round, Knee Cap Narrow

Adjustment Morphs:
Adjust Waist, Adjust Thighs, Adjust Shins, Adjust Stomach, Adjust Hips, Adjust Groin,
Adjuist Buttocks, Adjust Right Side, Adjust Left Side, Adjust Front, Adjust Back,
Adjust Collars, Adjust Chest, Adjust Upper Torso,

Textures for Pants and Waistcoat
Denim, Leather, Striped, Suit,


  • Model:   prae/ivorps
  • Designer: Prae

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 17 May, 2021.



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