Oval Mirror

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A simple oval mirror prop object for Poser/DAZ Studio, with procedural materials created in Poser 8 and Daz Studio Advanced 3. Materials will likely need modification in older versions of those programs. You may also easily use any other procedural material you like on it.

POSER USERS may discard the DS Mats folder, as everything needed for Poser is contained in the remaining folders.

DAZ STUDIO USERS may want to use the separate DS Mats provided, as the prop will load with Poser-optimized maps and will therefore not reflect properly in DS.

The mats are packaged to be located in Content > Materials > Oval Mirror by Kethaera, but you may install them anywhere you like, as Daz Studio does not require them to specifically be in that folder.


You will need 3ddelight for D/S & Poser 8 w/ray tracing enabled for this to work optimally


The "Glass" material is set up to show reflections in both Poser 8 and DAZ Studio 3. You will not be able to see the reflections in the preview mode, you must render with a) Firefly with Raytracing on in Poser or b) 3Delight in Daz Studio.

Reflections do take some extra processing time in renders no matter what program you use, so please keep this in mind before adding the Oval Mirror to your scene.

If your reflections are not coming out as you like them, try the following tips:
    - Make sure there is something in the scene to reflect. If it is an indoor scene, try adding another wall behind the camera for the mirror to reflect, rather than empty space.
    - Check your lights. Make sure you have at least one light shining on to the backside(s) of the object(s) you want to reflect (i.e. the sides facing the mirror) or use a diffuse IBL light, otherwise your mirror may be reflecting nothing but shadow.
    - In Poser, make sure Raytracing is turned on under Render > Render Settings, with a Bounce setting of at least 2 (more bounces requires more render time!).
    - In Daz Studio, make sure 3Delight - Software Render is selected under Render > Render Settings rather than Fast-Time Renderer, with a Max RayTrace Depth of at least 2 (increasing this increases render times!).

Required items
Poser 6+
DAZ Studio 2.3+ with 3DDelight



  • Model:   ket-mirror
  • Designer: Creations by Kethaera

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