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BSC-Ira M4 *Exclusive*


BSC Ira M4
Ira is part of a new collection of characters by SRG, collectively known
as "The Black Sun Clan" or "BSC". They are high quality characters at a
reasonable price for you! Ira comes with both SSS and Normal Skin Mats,
except his eyes, which are just Normal.

Everything needed for Ira is included in this package.

You get:
1 Head/Body INJ
1 All INJ
1 Head/Body REM
8 Eye Colors
NS Skin
SSS Skin
Both sets of skins have:
Body texture
Face Default
5 O'Clock Shadow texture
Gen Mat textures
Arm Tattoo INJ/REM


System requirements Poser 9+, Michael 4 and Morphs++.

This package has been tested on pc in Poser Pro 2014, and in D/S 3.0 - 4.9.
He may require some adjustments to his Diffuse and Specular Colors for use in D/S.

SEE BELOW in the NOTES: section for "DAZ Users".
Other than what is below, no other support for DAZ is offered.

Many thanks to my 'DAZ advisor and beta-tester' for her invaluable help!


(Please check read me folder for render setting hints)

All injections, removals, poses and application of textures can be found in the Pose
directory under ! BlackSunClan: BSC_Ira.
FOR Poser:

- Load M4 into Poser document from the DAZ People directory in   the FIGURES library.
- Select M4.
- Inject M4's MORPHS ++.
- From the POSE library, find his Morphs:

- Inject Head and Body Morphs or Inject All, which loads both Head and Body Morphs at once.

- GENITAL NOTE: If you use the M4 Genital, it worked fine as to fitting against his body when tested.

- Turn IK Off before selecting poses for best result.

- The Utilities directory will allow you to restore Ira to the Default Position.

- The Utilities directory will also allow you to turn Inverse Kinematics (IK) OFF for posing him.
It is suggested that you always turn IK off when posing him.


For DAZ Users:

-  It will be likely that you may have to adjust Ira's Diffuse mat colors to some setting between
   100% - 110% from what they are for Poser if he is too dark.

-  You may also have to adjust his Specular mat colors up or down. It works around 8.6%. This may
   need some adjustment on his Genital as well (if used) to avoid sharp highlights on the skin.
   Also CHANGE the Specular Color on the Genital mats "GenSkin" and "Glans" (ONLY those 2 mats)
   to the RGB setting '110/110/110'.


  • Model:   srg/ira
  • Designer: Sidhe Rose Graphics

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