Tetrapylon of Palmyra *Exclusive*

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Tetrapylon of Palmyra was in egyptian pink granite. It was a monument erected at the end of 3rd century, during renovations of Diocletian.

The platform was square, with 4 squares at each corner; and each 4 basis was under 4 columns. A statue was in the middle of each group of columns.
Like other Tetrapylons in Roman world, this was at the intersection of main streets.

It was also in relation with Janus' worship. Janus was the roman god of doors, and time (he looks past and future). So pretty good to have a link with him at crossroads. (mainly Wikipedia informations on Palmyra page).

Now, to be back in the 3D world.

All was tested in a Windows environment (W8.1). Not tested in a Mac environmet.
All was tested in Poser 11, Daz Studio 3, Daz Studio 4 (4.9).

For Daz Studio Users:
For displacement map, you need to apply manually at the base (no other part has displacement).

The better you can do is
    Strength = 100%   
    Minimum = -0.2  
    Maximum 0.2

For the Bump (Base, Pedestal, Top, Top Columns) too you need to apply the negative and positive.

For Base: as you wish for granite

For Pedestal:
    Strength = 100%  
    Minimum = -0.01   
    Maximum = 1 or 2
For Top:
    Strength = 100%  
    Minimum = -0.1   
    Maximum = 0.5
For Top Columns:  
    Strength = 100%  
    Minimum = -0.1   
    Maximum = 1

For Poser users:
If the bump and the displacement are better in Poser, for an unknown reason on the vertical of some columns you could see a 'darkest' line (depends of the light). I have no clue on this, even after some changes in the texture layers.
It seems this line isn't seeing in Daz Studio.

Required software:
Daz 3 +
Poser 4 +

Templates included to create your own textures.


Presentation scene:

Grecian outfit V4, by Richabri
River hair, by SWAM (I believe no longer available)
Wilderness backgrounds, by Manic3D (on FRM)
brushes by Coby17 

  • Model:   aelin/tetra
  • Designer: Aelin-Namarie

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